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About Me . . . 

     As a young child, I received an inexpensive steel string guitar one Christmas.  I learned to play chords and generally had fun strumming it.  It was not until a couple of years later that I was introduced to the classical guitar.  While waiting for my sister to finish a French horn lesson at the University of Miami, I wandered around the practice building.   I was mesmerized by the beautiful sound of the classical guitar drifting down the hall.  I followed the sound and stood by the practice room door listening until my mother came looking for me some time later.  Cuban born guitarist Juan Antonio Mercadal was the guitar department chair at that time. It was no small wonder that the music was magical to me.  My mother at my request, arranged lessons with a student from his studio and so began my love of the instrument, cuban influences on classical guitar so prevalent at the time.


    Some years later, I was fortunate to be introduced to art of lutherie by a local craftsman and artist Salvador Orestes Mayo. He, in turn introduced me to a friend of his, Mr. Hart Huttig.  It was with  the encouragement and guidance of these two great luthiers that my first instruments were built in the 1970's.  The information shared so freely by these gentlemen was invaluable.


    I will always be grateful to Mr. Huttig for his words of advise and encouragement.  And especially to Mr. Mayo for his friendship, patience and guidance.  He gave me a passion for building beautiful instruments and late nights with large mugs of Cuban coffee.







Salvador O. Mayo

. . . And now you know.

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