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Music is an epression of life's emotions in all of its forms with many nuances.  The expression of anything from mystic soft distant memories, sweet romantic overture, light dance or edgy aggressive qualities is in every instrument just waiting for you to bring it out. 


My goal as a luthier is to create an instrument that will allow an artist to express as much emotion as possible.   A guitar must allow the player to evolve in their own personal expression of the music.  An artist needs an instrument that will convey their feelings and musical ideas to the listener.


For me, making a guitar is a labor of love. Each and every guitar is unique in its  own character.  The wood used for each and every guitar is hand selected by me to ensure consistent results and one of the best values in classical guitars today.


All of my guitars continue to be individually hand built with careful attention to each and every detail, resulting in an instrument of exceptional quality, sound and value.


The guitar is a small  orchestra.  

It is polyphonic. Every string a different

color, a different voice."

                                           Andres Segovia

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